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Ki Tisa: God Created Evil To Give Us Free Will (February 24, 2019)

1) God allows evil to exist. But what is the source of its power?

It’s #BibleStudy CoffeeTime.
Sunday, February 24, 2019.
2) (Bear with me – wifi issues.)
3) OK. Here is a bit of backstory.
4) My father was in a very bad car accident last week. His brand new car overturned on a quiet street – completely out of nowhere.

Or so it seemed.
5) My father warned me in 2016 that the Vishnitzer Rebbe, may he rest in peace, had said when he was alive to be careful of Hillary Clinton and their cronies, because they are a bunch of murderers.

The term “murderers” was used.

I don’t know why the Rebbe said this or when.
6) My father warned me in 2016 to be extremely careful about speaking out against Hillary Clinton, because I was speaking out, and my mother warned me too, and people have been kind to be praying for me, and this is partly why I don’t promote my book (yet).

Be careful.
7) We are a Holocaust survivor family and we know about the Gestapo.

Hillary and her minions are a modern Gestapo.
8) In any case, my father’s brand new car completely overturned and it is a miracle that he walked out alive.

The crash makes absolutely no sense and they are investigating.

It is possible that no foul play was involved.

It is also possible that someone tampered with his car.
9) I texted him last night to apologize if my political outspokenness was in some way linked with his crash.

Like what do you say to a family member who may have been harmed by goons because of your political outspokenness?

Like what is it like to even have to think that way?
10) My father told me that it is not my fault. And we will get the facts.

But it sure makes you wonder how it is that evil people seem to run around with impunity, while good people have to suffer.

So Daddy, this thread is dedicated to you.
11) This week we read the Torah portion Ki Tisa in synagogue. Where evil at first rose up, and then was slaughtered. (Exodus 30:11–34:35)

It’s a very busy portion – census; holy Tabernacle building; Sabbath commandment; the golden calf. 
12) The supplemental reading (I Kings 18:20-39) focuses on one incident — God humiliates the idol worshipers — but that incident is extremely powerful and gives us the script for the takedown.

Goodbye, Jezebel. 
13) “The source of evil is the will of man.” – well said.
14) Where is evil in this week’s Torah portion?
15) Obviously, the Golden Calf was evil.

The men (not the women) ganged up against the High Priest and forced him to craft an idol, to serve as an intermediary between themselves and God.
16) Some have asked why Aaron was not punished for his role in this sin.

The answer is that he was trying to buy time against the mob.
17) (Hopefully I did not just break my own thread; corrected an error.)
18) Okay, we’re good.

The women were righteous: “When the women were asked to contribute their jewelry to the creation of the golden calf (Exodus 32:2), they refused, forcing the men to volunteer their own jewelry.” 
19) Contrast this with the supplemental reading, where the evil Jezebel causes all the trouble.

We’ll get to that.
20) Let’s slow down for a minute and consider the sin.

It came about because the people were impatient, and their perception was that the timeline for Moses’ descent from the mountain wasn’t met.

As we know from #QAnon, missed timelines lead some people off the cliff.
21) The entire Golden Calf incident is shocking: the Jews were in the holiest place on earth (due to God’s prophetic presence) at the holiest time in history (the giving of the Torah) & had every reason to have faith (deliverance from Egypt) but still disobeyed God utterly.
22) Furthermore, why isn’t Aaron punished? Because he’s Moses’ brother?

He is the one who made the idol!
23) There is so much here that doesn’t seem to make any sense.
24) The answer to the question about Aaron is important.

If he participated in the sin, even unwillingly, why isn’t he punished for the sin?
25) The answer gets us back to the notion of evil.

Let’s breathe.

This is going to be hard for me to express clearly, so please be patient.
26) Essentially, evil can only exist where God does not exist.

But that is logically impossible.

God is everywhere.
27) Therefore, evil must be a construction of God.

But how could God (being essentially good) construct God’s own opposite?
28) It must be that God constructed evil…for the sake of good.

29) How can you possibly say that though?

How can you possibly say that human trafficking, war, famine and disease are in some way good?

That’s disgusting!!!!
30) Let us stop and comprehend this.
31) Of course cruelty, suffering, war and disease are not good in any way.
32) But God, in His infinite wisdom, has created a kind of petri dish with this world.

The point of the world is for humans to eliminate the evil here.

The point is to CHOOSE good where evil is TEMPTING.

Otherwise being good is MEANINGLESS and our journey HAS NO POINT.

“When I’m done it will be like you were never even here.”
34) Like in the movies, the villain has to seem to have her day.
35) But we still haven’t answered the question.

HOW does evil have any power, with God being God?

WHERE does evil get its power?

WHAT is the mechanism through which evil works?
36) Stay with me.

We’re going to descend into Hell together.

But then we will come out.
37) If you are a victim of sexual abuse, you may find this next part to be triggering.

Please use caution.
38) Let’s imagine that evil is a car.
A fancy car.
It could be any car.
This is a metaphor and I am not picking on Maserati.
39) For the car to work, you have to put gas in the tank.
40) For this purpose of this illustration, “gas” is equivalent to “evil energy.”
41) You put the gas in the gas tank and it goes into the car where it ignites (internal combusion) and makes the car go forward.

The original liquid gasoline is destroyed.
42) In just the same way, some people contribute to the cause of evil (they move that car forward) and this destroys them personally.

It ruins their bodies.
It destroys their souls.
They are shamed, hated and erased from human history.
43) How do people become “evil energy?”

This is the part that’s triggering.
45) Many, many people are lured. “choice and consent get blurred in the face of desperation — and…the psychological warfare carried out by their ruthless pimps.” 
46) Luring takes many different forms.
47) Once they have you…

“Once celebrated by the biggest names in fashion for his edgy and daring campaign shoots, today photographer Terry Richardson’s career is overshadowed by the mounting sexual assault and harassment allegations against him.” 
48) I watched @IyanlaVanzant @FixMyLifeOnOWN last night and a woman was sobbing because she was sexually assaulted from the age of six.
49) The victim has no choice, but feels shame as if they somehow chose this.

There are no words to describe the anger I feel watching rape victims struggle with shame.
50) Trauma-based programming is when you take an innocent child and subject them to such bad abuse that their mind shatters into a million pieces, one of which is an agent of evil.
51) The point of all this is, evil is both a choice and a forced choice, and any part of the equation where the person somehow consented makes them gas in the tank.
52) The more souls in the gas tank, the faster the car can go and the more powerful it is as a weapon.
53) The only problem is that the engine keeps on running out of gas.
54) Let’s bring this home.

Let’s get out of this hellhole together. 
55) So now we know why evil exists. We know how evil exists. And we know that people are induced to jump in the gas tank, because they think they will somehow catapult past everyone else.

Instead, in the end, they are destroyed or destroy themselves.
56) In the case of the Golden Calf, the men were entrapped by Satan who preyed on their anxiety that Moses had abandoned them.

This caused them to fall victim to mob consciousness.

Aaron and the women were wise and virtuous. They made the men slow down. 
57) Because Aaron and the women made the men slow down (the women wouldn’t give over their jewelry, so the men used whatever they had; Aaron made them wait overnight) – God “had time” to talk to Moses about what was going on.
59) This next part is extremely important.

God wanted to destroy the Jewish people for this sin.

But Moses convinced Him not to.
60) God was angry. And He was right.

He could have just killed them all, too.

But he left the door open for Moses to respond.

Leadership lesson – before acting, give those affected a chance to respond.
61) Moses’ response here foreshadows the End Times, and the script for the takedown of the evil forces of earth.

Moses focuses on OPTICS.

“Are you going to let the Egyptians say you failed?”
62) We need to talk about how this plays out in the supplemental portion.

But first –
63) Look at the importance people attach, even today, to OPTICS.

Here John Podesta states: “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it.”

What are OPTICS? Why are OPTICS important?
64) In political rhetoric, OPTICS means “the way things look.”

OPTICS matter because you want to control the behavior of the audience.

You want them to believe they will be punished for a certain behavior.

You want them to act based on false information.
65) Q alludes to optics in Drop 2490 (12 Nov. 2018)

“FAKE NEWS > [optics] ‘FALSE’ majority > BLUE WAVE
BLUE WAVE [optics] > No Voter Irregularities > Nothing to See Here
FAKE NEWS > Voter Irregularities Challenge > CONSPIRACY
66) Q is saying that the Democrats ant you to believe they’re riding a wave of popularity to capture the House of Representatives (false); that voting irregularities are a myth; and that those who question the integrity of the voting process are dangerous conspiracy theorists.
68) Exhibit B: Hillary

.@Politico reports today: “A wide-ranging disinformation campaign aimed at Democratic 2020 candidates is already underway on social media, with signs that foreign state actors are driving at least some of the activity.”

69) To construct the OPTIC that Trump supporters r corrupting 2020 by pretending that there’s voter fraud–

Hillary pointed to a Politico story

Which pointed to another study

Which somehow blamed 200 Trump supporters

Which was debunked by @tracybeanz 
70) The opposite of OPTICS is REALITY.

Thank you anon and Q (drops 2763 and 2764, Feb. 17, 2019)
71) Democrats encourage voter fraud by continually trying to eliminate the distinction between citizen and noncitizen, and explicitly encouraging illegals to vote.

Here is just one example.

But they want to have the OPTIC of momentum. 
72) We are all waiting for the fake news OPTICS to be trounced by reality, because the optics — delivered by the complicit media — are being used as an instrument of evil on so many fronts.
73) Obviously @POTUS could just go on TV and announce the arrest of the cabal.

Why doesn’t he?
74) Look at the supplemental reading: Instead of just smiting the evil Jezebel, God puts her witchcraft to a test.
75) I Kings 18:20-39.

“King Ahab and Queen Jezebel ruled the Northern Kingdom of Israel, and encouraged the worship of the Baal deity as well as other forms of idolatry.” 
76) Important: They were traitors, enemies from within — NOT RUSSIANS.
77) First, to try and stop them, the prophet Elijah invoked a drought – natural crisis.

Maybe they would come to their senses when they felt PAIN.
78) But instead of cognitively recognizing the error of their ways (because their evil form of leadership was harming the people), Ahab blamed the prophet.

“If you wouldn’t be punishing us for being evil, the people would be all right!”
79) Elijah realizes that the only way to stop these people is to use their own tools against them.
80) So Elijah says: “If you’re so powerful, then you should be able to defeat my prophecy. How about me against all your sorcerers, 850 sorcerers, winner take all.”
81) The king and queen can’t be evil without the people taking part.

And so when the challenge is issued, all the population gathers on top of the mountain — because they lack faith and “want to see for themselves” who will win.

Elijah rebukes them for that.
82) Evil exists not just because it has active agents (a car continually replenished with gas) but also because it has complicit agents (those who build roads for it to traverse).
83) And so it’s time for the final showdown.
84) Just as with the Golden Calf, the challenge occurs over a cow.
85) Elijah has them choose two random bulls.

Each side will call out for a fire to consume “their” bull.

Whoever gets answered, wins.
86) The sorcerers stand there calling out to their god and nothing happens.

Elijah mocks them.

“Call with a loud voice, for you presume that he is a god. [Perhaps] he is talking or he is pursuing [enemies], or maybe he is on a journey; perhaps he is sleeping and will awaken…”
87) When they are done looking like total assholes, and their “optics” have been destroyed, Elijah steps up and takes center stage.

Note: He knows it’s not about him.
88) “Lord, the G‑d of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. Today let it be known that You are G‑d in Israel and that I am Your servant, and at Your word have I done all these things. Answer me, O L-rd, answer me, and this people shall know that You are the L-rd G‑d.”
89) Fire descends from heaven and the bull is consumed.
90) And all the people — left, right, center and those who defy all labels — recognized the truth.


“And all the people saw and fell on their faces, and they said, “The Lord is G‑d, the L-rd is G‑d.”
91) All the people.
92) All the people.
93) All the people.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain. You can also read the thread online here.

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