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Ki Teitzei: The Horrific Crime of Kidnapping **Your Own** Brothers and Sisters for Slavery

1) “He that stealeth a man, & selleth him…shall surely be put to death.” (Ex. 21:16)

“If a man is discovered kidnapping any person from among his brothers, of the children of Israel, & treats him as a slave & sells him that thief shall die.” (Deut. 24:7)

2) We are taught that the Bible does not repeat itself. So why are we told twice that you are not allowed to kidnap people to sell them?
3) I think the second mention is meant to respond to the rationalization that if someone is “my child” or from “my people,” somehow pimping them out is not a capital crime.
4) This week’s Bible portion, Ki Teitzei (Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19) deals with the topics of conquest/female captivity/kidnapping/human trafficking.
5) “And it shall be, if thou have no delight in her, then thou shalt let her go whither she will; but thou shalt not sell her at all for money, thou shalt not deal with her as a slave, because thou hast humbled her.” (Deut. 21:14)
6) The Torah actually prescribes behavior for those who go to war and conquer another people. They may not rape the women but rather must bring them home and leave them alone to mourn their families for a month.
7) After that mourning period, when the Jewish captor sees the conquered woman as a human being, he can then decide what to do with her. It’s not a pretty picture, but it is a more humane version of what actually happened throughout history.
8) In the event that the man decides he does not want the woman (the impulse of the moment has worn off), he is not allowed to sell her.
10) This is not to say that South Americans are worse than anyone else.
12) In addition we hear from some Jewish people who say that the current illegal immigration crisis is the same as the Jews who illegally came here to escape Nazi persecution.
13) Certainly there are similarities, but not all are of the kind that these people want to acknowledge.
14) For one thing, where you have massive immigration flows you almost certainly have organized crime.

Jewish immigrants are no exception, and they cruelly trafficked Jewish women in South America at the turn of the 20th century, for a long time.

16) It is what it is, and I am not sure why we romanticize history or ignore the facts.
20) FBI, October 26, 2017: “Between 2013 and 2015, investigators in the FBI’s Los Angeles Division were tracking virtual kidnapping calls from Mexico—almost all of these schemes originate from within Mexican prisons.”
21) “**The calls targeted specific individuals who were Spanish speakers**. A majority of the victims were from the Los Angeles and Houston areas.” (emphasis added)
22) What starts with targeting the local community eventually spreads outward, explains the FBI (here, LA Special Agent Erik Arbuthnot).
23) “In 2015, the calls started coming in English. The criminals were no longer targeting specific individuals, such as doctors or just Spanish speakers. Now they were choosing various cities and cold-calling hundreds of numbers until innocent people fell for the scheme.”
24) “The incarcerated fraudsters—who typically bribe guards to acquire cell phones—would choose an affluent area such as Beverly Hills, California.”
25) “They would search the Internet to learn the correct area code and telephone dialing prefix.”
26) “Then, with nothing but time on their hands, they would start dialing numbers in sequence, trolling for victims.”
27) “When an unsuspecting person answered the phone, they would hear a female screaming, ‘Help me!’”
28) “The screamer’s voice was likely a recording.”
29) “Instinctively, the victim might blurt out his or her child’s name: ‘Mary, are you okay?’

“And then a man’s voice would say something like, ‘We have Mary.’”
30) The man would say something like: “She’s in a truck. We are holding her hostage. You need to pay a ransom and you need to do it now or we are going to cut off her fingers.”
31) This is the poem that @POTUS read to us, about the tender-hearted woman and the treacherous snake.

34) “Tim Morris, Interpol’s executive director of police services, told the BBC conditions in Guyana were ‘particularly horrific.’”
35) “There, investigators rescued young women who were forced to work as prostitutes near remote gold mines – locations from which they cannot escape and which are hard for investigators to find.”

(Creative Commons pic/illustrative purposes/Neal Wellons


36) The main priority of the criminals is to keep the cash coming.

They keep their victims far out of sight.

They move their victims if they know the cops are coming.
37) “‘Isolated locations make it difficult for officers to avoid detection,’ said Diana O’Brien, Guyana’s assistant director of public prosecutions, explaining that often, by the time they can act on intelligence, traffickers have moved their victims.”
38) But it’s a lot, lot easier for the criminals to operate if what they do is simply…not a crime.

Or if they can trick the warm-hearted into being somehow on THEIR side.
40) “Illegal immigrants are kidnapping children and bringing them across the border, hoping to appear to be families so they can take advantage of lax enforcement policies, the Obama administration told a federal appeals court this week.”
41) “Leon Fresco, a deputy assistant attorney general who handles immigration cases, made the stunning claim”
42) “as he defended the administration’s policy of detaining [as opposed to releasing – DB] illegal immigrant parents and children caught traveling together as they jump the border.”

[OBAMA policy]
43) “After a federal judge last year ordered the families quickly released [BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL], Mr. Fresco said it’s served as an enticement for kidnapping.”
44) “’When people now know that when I come as a family unit, I won’t be apprehended and detained — we now have people being abducted so that they can be deemed as family units, so that they can avoid detention,’ Mr. Fresco told the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.”
45) Now what do you think happened after Mr. Fresco said that?
46) Obama shut him up right quick.
47) “He did not back up that claim in court, and did not respond to a follow-up email seeking comment.”
48) “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency that handles detention and deportation, declined to comment, citing the ongoing case, while Customs and Border Protection, which guards the border, did not respond to a request for comment.”
49) They tried to say it was not true.

“Peter Schey, the lawyer who argued in court on behalf of the families, and is in touch with hundreds of families as part of the lawsuit, said there’s no evidence to back up Mr. Fresco’s claim.”
50) But of course it is true, because getting the kids is getting a get out of jail free card.

* Procure child
* Bring child in with adults – smuggle them
* If caught, claim persecution and request asylum

Now the family can’t be detained indefinitely…

See how that works?
54) The media intentionally portrayed the illegal immigration situation without any context whatsoever, focusing on the suffering of the families and children, which is of course real.


Don’t come here illegally!
57) Asked about Barr’s ruling:

“I think if you have two alternatives, one – on one side is a border wall of 2,000 miles and a massive deprivation of rights, which is sort of one way of solving this,”
58) “and another extreme on the other end, which is do nothing and continue to allow the situation that’s happening now to increase in numbers.”
59) “A compromise in the middle would be do not diminish the rights people have but expedite the consideration of what we’re ultimately trying to consider.”
60) “And I think that is right down the middle. You know, zero to a hundred, that’s right there at 50 of what, maybe, can be a bipartisan compromise.”
61) And the interview concludes.

“CHANG: Right. Leon Fresco is a former deputy assistant attorney general in charge of immigration. He now advises the DHS on immigration issues. Thanks very much.

FRESCO: Thank you.”
62) What will we do with reason?

It’s up to us now.


By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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