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“Acharei Mot: What Would You Do To Repay A Friend In Trouble?” May 5, 2019

1) What would you do to repay a friend in trouble?

It’s #BibleStudyCoffeeTime.
Sunday, May 5, 2019.

2) What if I told you that the friends I am referring to in this scenario are the Muslims?

3) But Muslims are attacking Israel right now, you say.
How can you refer to them as friends? …4) But true friends remain loyal no matter who tries to divide them.5) This week’s Bible portion, the supplemental reading (Haftorah), is about the loyalty between Jonathan and his friend David.

Jonathan stood by David, protected David, even against his own father’s plot. …6) The fact is that for centuries, the Muslims not only didn’t persecute the Jews, but they actively protected us.

7) The Golden Age of Jewish Culture, in Spain, is an example. It produced towers of Jewish religious practice: Samuel Ha-Nagid, Moses ibn Ezra, Solomon ibn Gabirol, Judah Halevi, and of course Maimonides. …

8) Of course, we have to qualify this truth. For one thing, Muslims considered Jews second-class citizens (apartheid). For another, the Golden Age ended badly, with the 1066 Granada massacre. For a third — …

9) Maimonides was born at the end of the Golden Age, and although he came to be revered by Jews and Muslims alike, there was a point where he had to run for his life or face forced conversion.

10) The sociologist Max Weber coined the term “ideal type.” It means something like “pure specimen” for the purpose of studying a social unit. Ex/ studying the concept “family,” to compare apples to apples, you need an “ideal type” definitionally. 11) To me, the “ideal type” of Jew is Maimonides (a.k.a. the Rambam):

“The middle path is what is called by the Rambam the shvil hazahav, the golden road….Hashem is found by people who behave normal, those who aren’t towards the extreme.” 12) Maimonides “was a medieval Sephardic Jewish philosopher who became one of the most prolific and influential Torah scholars of the Middle Ages. In his time, he was also a preeminent astronomer and physician.”

Maimonides married religion and reason.

13) Maimonides showed that it is possible to survive and transcend Muslim extremism in the most profound way: He became a friend to normal (i.e. more moderate) Muslims. …14) Maimonides was a genius: “At 17 he published his “Treatise on Logic,” an introduction to Aristotelian logical principles; in his early 20s, while…in flight from hostile regimes, he became a physician and began publishing on Jewish law.”15) “He arrived and settled in Egypt and in 1171, he was appointed head of Cairo’s large Jewish community, acting as Cairene Jewry’s liaison to the Muslim ruling class.”16) “He later served as physician to a royal vizier and then to the sultan, Saladin, publishing medical treatises along the way, including works on treating chronic illnesses.”17) “Among the foremost rabbinical decisors and philosophers in Jewish history ….sometimes known as ‘ha Nesher ha Gadol’ (the great eagle) in recognition of his outstanding status as a bona fide exponent of the Oral Torah.”18) “Aside from being revered by Jewish historians, Maimonides also figures very prominently in the history of Islamic and Arab sciences and is mentioned extensively in studies.”19) “Influenced by Al-Farabi, Avicenna, and his contemporary Averroes, he in his turn influenced other prominent Arab and Muslim philosophers and scientists. He became a prominent philosopher and polymath in both the Jewish and Islamic worlds.”20) So beloved, he has dual names.

— Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon
–רבי משה בן מימון – acronym “Rambam” (רמב״ם)

— Abū ʿImrān Mūsā bin Maimūn bin ʿUbaidallāh al-Qurtabī (ابو عمران موسى بن ميمون بن عبيد الله القرطبي) abbrev.
— Mūsā bin Maymūn (موسى بن ميمون)21) The lesson of Maimonides is to look to reason, not emotion to solve a problem. As someone else said (it was a New Age figure talking to Oprah – I can’t remember the name) – the solution to a problem can never come from within the problem itself. 

Put another way:

22) Maimonides is a central figure in Jewish and Muslim culture alike. He showed that people can have peace and be productive and prosperous and religious and whole, without wasting time on endless blood feuds.

Just the opposite – he shows the power of friendship.23) We hear a lot of hatred of Islam today. I can imagine the Jews of ancient times giving Maimonides “the loyalty test”: How can you serve them? After all, they killed us and you ran from them?!

But this kind of thinking is small.
To solve a thing, you have to think big.24) In this week’s supplemental Torah reading, I Samuel 20:18–42, the prince Jonathan is forced to choose between his father and his friend.

He chooses his friend, who will one day give rise to the Messiah. …25) The central problem with King Saul, who wanted to kill David, was not (as many might think) his ego. It was that he had mercy on the enemy, disobeying God, failing to fully destroy him.

And as such, he later exhibited cruelty toward the just. …

26) Saul’s fatal flaw was that he substituted his own judgment for God’s. He ran from the appointment to lead, because he didn’t feel worthy. He pitied the enemy that God said to destroy. 

All of this was really Saul’s ego. …27) When Saul lost the throne because of his insubordination, his reaction, AGAIN, was to refuse to yield to God’s command.

Instead he became jealous of David, the one destined to replace him.

That is what we read about yesterday. …28) Saul’s son, Jonathan, knows his father is corrupt.

So he chooses to protect his righteous friend rather than enable his father’s plans.

Remember: They have to have your consent.

The only thing the corrupt Establishment truly fears is our unity.

29) To help his friend, Jonathan performs a reconnaissance mission. …30) Look at the parallel:

–“King” Obama wanted his replacement @realDonaldTrump out of the picture, and Admiral Rogers warned him he was a target.

–King Saul wanted his replacement David out of the picture, and Jonathan warned him he was a target.

31) Jonathan had the wisdom to look beyond religion to the heart of man. He told David to stay away from a religious celebration (New Moon), because the king had him marked for death.32) How does Jonathan tell David he’s in trouble? Does he take out a full-page ad in the New York Times? 


He spoke to David in code.33) It’s so funny to me that people try to disprove #QAnon because Q speaks in code. 

This is a military intelligence operation and we’re living in wartime through a coup attempt.

What exactly are the allies of @POTUS supposed to do? Broadcast clearly?34) Obviously, Saul would have had Jonathan killed if his “betrayal” were discovered.

So “Jonathan went out to the field, shot 3 arrows & called to his assistant, “The arrow is beyond you,” a predetermined signal [to David] that it was not safe to return to the king’s palace.”35) Even with the coded message, Jonathan put his own life at risk to save his friend.

But the bonds of true friendship are unbreakable, especially in the service of what’s right.36) David and Jonathan knew that they might never see each other again. So “before parting, the two friends kissed and wept, and swore to maintain their mutual affection for generations to come.”37) Jewish people believe that the stories of the Bible are a forerunner of what is to come.38) We, all of us, the community of Patriots, are fulfilling the historical precedent set by Jonathan.

We are doing our best to help, talking in code and clearing the way for King Messiah to appear.

39) This is David.

40) This is Goliath.

41) David has the might of the world standing against him.

But he is victorious.

Nobody, not even a giant, can defeat the Almighty God.

42) @SharylAttkisson eloquently explains in a new op-ed how the media, which was supposed to report the news objectively, has morphed into a gigantic public relations machine, serving “the narrative.” …43) The narrative, as we know, is only the precursor to a planned destructive act that will be launched with a media-driven “justification.” 44) The King Sauls of the world are counting on your absolute belief and trust that whatever you see displayed with a CNN logo must be true.

45) They are coming for the Christians.

46) They are planning a nuclear war, which they will blame on Christian rage.

47) “Here we start studying the fragment where the global war is launched.” …48) “In order to make the war legitimate, puppeteers will have to apply their old tactics: an act of terror with numerous victims.”

49) The terror attack will make everybody fight everybody.50) They will destroy the Mosque of Umar in Jerusalem. …

51) “This is the place where the Caliph Umar…performed salah [religious worship] after the conquest of Jerusalem by the Muslims in 638 CE.”

It is distinguished by “the Covenant which Umar…had drawn up giving assurances of safety to the (non-Muslim) people of Jerusalem.”

52) The destruction of the mosque is shown at 3:06 in this prophetic video.
The so-called “championing” of the Palestinian cause, and then responding to terror — that’s their trick — creating a pretext for war.

53) The American flag appears torn in half. They plan to destroy America.

54) The dancing figure represents the tiny puppet-master (think of a very SMALL NUMBER OF PEOPLE) orchestrating massive destruction. (Due to my concerns about censorship, I will not specify the type of destruction shown here.)

55) It is important to note that the person who made this video did not conceive of what it meant at the time: ‘The film came to me in a visual form…. I endeavoured to reflect what I saw accurately, not always understanding the meaning.” …

56) By the way this explanation of the video isn’t coming from the United States, but it is more or less the same as the American ones.

How is it possible that we all agree on the plot, but nobody will call it out? … …

57) Here is an analysis by somebody else. They go frame-by-frame through this video, and they put the explanation directly over each symbol in each scene. 58) Did you think their plot would leave out Israel?

Why is the Statue of Liberty depicted standing on a Jewish star?

59) Let’s rewind the video.
First we see Obama looking out the window.
It’s winter.
Psalm 23 is graffitied on the side of the building.
The American flag is ripped in two, and the second half flies away.

60) According to this interpretation, 9/11 and the next attack will be carried out by the same actor.

61) Look at the lower left of the screenshot. This is early in the video, at 1:05.

Do you see the Jewish star hidden inside the snowflake?

Do you see the implication that the Jews will be blamed for pulling the strings? (Hiding behind an innocent classroom decoration)

62) Here you see the aftermath of the second attack. Both carried out by the same hidden hand. And by implication, both blamed on the Jews.

63) How can the same attack be blamed on two parties? (Muslims and Jews). It’s pretty simple – the Muslims will be blamed for the overt part (radical Islamic terror) and the Jews will be blamed for the covert part (the perception that Jewish plotting is behind all this.)64) Who is “the masked man,” the “orchestrator?”

@SaRaAshcraft: “They POSE as Jews, Christians, Muslims, Freemasons, Jesuits, New Agers, Born Agains, Scientologists, Mormons, Zionists & all other “identities” deliberately to hide the TRUTH about themselves.

65) AGAIN: “They HIDE in EVERYTHING. They POSE as Jews, Christians, Muslims, Freemasons, Jesuits, New Agers, Born Agains, Scientologists, Mormons, Zionists & all other “identities” deliberately to hide the TRUTH about themselves.” …

66) Next, the Muslim bogeymen appear.

67) Led by a seeming religious figure with a CIA patch.

68) Oil war (think @POTUS and “energy independence”) …

69) Now we zoom in on the Statue of Liberty, standing atop a Jewish star, with a phallic symbol protruding from it.

America, built by immigrants with a dream.
Jewish strength and power.

70) It isn’t really orchestrated by the Jews at all.

Rather, the Jews are the OBJECT of the plot.

The idea is to SEVER the deep friendship between America and the Jewish people. 

Not just Israel – JEWS.

71) So now you know. 

“The unsealing of the first several indictments will bring about ‘unity’ and ‘change’ – ‘change’ that ‘we’ can believe in.
Returning ‘POWER’ to the PEOPLE.
Returning ‘THE RULE OF LAW’ to OUR LAND.



By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain. You can also read this online here.Posted 11th June by Dannielle Blumenthal

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