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Parshas Va’era: God Sees, God Hears, and God Rescues

God sees, God hears, and God rescues.
Even when we feel completely lost, alone, burned out, hounded, and even desperate.

Today’s Torah reading is in Exodus.
It’s called “Vaera” – “and I appeared.”

January 25, 2020
Whoops, gave you the incorrect link before. Deleting and reposting.
Torah portion: Exodus 6:2 – 9:35
Haftarah (supplemental): Ezekiel 28:25 – 29:21
Every single aspect of the Bible is Divine and intentional. (I think this might be part of why I enjoy trying to decode Q messages, it’s the same idea, even if not Divine). I want to look at why we have two Torah portions named similarly.
Of course as usual I have been futzing around (this is Yiddish for procrastinating) so we will probably have to start, and then pick up after synagogue.
At the very least let’s clarify the distinction between the two words.

In Genesis, “Vayera” means “and He appeared.” God appears to Abraham.

In Exodus, “Va’era” means “and I appeared.” God uses the first person here – He appeared to Moses.

“First person?”
Those who say that the Bible emanated from man, and not God, would have to explain to me why one of the portions is named “and I appeared.”

Would that be Moses speaking in God’s name? Doesn’t make sense.
In any case, the Israelites (technically Israelites, children of Jacob aka Israel) were slaves in Egypt for 210 years.

If you were thinking it was 400 please see the below Q&A.…

However long the period of time, they were surely broken people.
The Egyptians if you recall were persecuting the Israelites (from now on I’ll just use “Jews” because it’s easier for me) because the Jews were perceived as a foreign threat.

So that slave labor was part of “breaking” them.
The work was purposeless.…
A local rabbi gave an interesting sermon about why the Jews were perceived as a threat where earlier they were treated well.

He said that when Jews try to assimilate to the point where they abandon Judaism, we’re not recognizable as authentic and we start to seem a threat.
The rabbi talked about Germany, and how the Jews in Germany loved it there. He gave an example of a Jew on a train with a heavy suitcase, and a German picked up the suitcase and put it on top in that wire carrier thing that trains have, and the Jew did not even ask.

But then there came a point where the Jews fell so in love with Germany that they forgot the Jewish part.

This was the case with the Jews in Egypt. They had been there for so long, it started to be like their real home.
This was what worried Jacob/Israel when he died, and he insisted that he be buried in Israel and not Egypt.
Remember that Egypt was a land where occult practices were the exact same thing as science. Think about this; they made their decisions by the stars, by nature, and they had it down pat because nature has an order and they were masters of it.

God is outside of nature.
History has a way of repeating itself, and the Jewish people today are disproportionately represented among Nobel Prize winners; Israel is a powerhouse of technology innovation.

All of this is miraculous, EXCEPT if you worship the technology instead of God.

Do you see?
Once the Jews cross that line from “God-powered innovation” to “worshiping the innovation as a God,” the curse of antisemitism is levied upon us.
We can see this clearly from a distance, but when it is actually happening, we cannot see it.
The Lubavitcher Rebbe gave an interesting talk on “fighting the evil inclination,” which is worth a watch. It’s only 6 minutes long and has captions. 3 key points to highlight here —

1. Beginning presumption: God has deputized the evil inclination (aka “satan”) to test us – this makes genuine worship meaningful.

2. One weapon of the evil inclination is to try to argue with you “rationally.”

3. You fight by engaging God to help you.
The Jews in Egypt were broken. They had abandoned hope of freedom. They were down. They were hurting. They were lost, on every level. Immersed in this culture that didn’t want them, but wouldn’t let them go.
And so God appears to Moses, an unlikely choice, the humblest man, a man with a disability of speech, a man who Pharaoh had condemned to death but who had been rescued, a man who had run for his life because he saved another man’s life but committed murder in the process.
“It’s go time. You’re it.”

More soon.

…and we’re back to continue today’s #BibleStudyCoffeeTime.
This Torah portion is so action-packed – it’s got spiritual, emotional, and physical drama.

– Spiritual – Moses’ transformation to leader
– Emotional – Pharaoh wrestles with losing his grip on the Jews
– Physical – God visits the plagues on Egypt
The lecture in synagogue was interesting. One of the points the speaker made was that God afflicted the Egyptians thoroughly, disrupting their total reliance on nature.

To extend that point, they “looking glass” predicted things, and the plagues attacked their “science” totally.
God afflicted the Egyptians from the bottom to the top, starting with nature, moving to animals, and then of course to people.

Plague #1: Water turns to blood

Appropriate for occultists.…
Here are the plagues in order:
1. Blood water
2. Frogs
3. Lice
4. Wild creatures attacked animals/people
5. Plague on the livestock
6. Boils
7. Deadly hail and fire storms
8. Locusts
9. Three days dark
10. Death of firstborn…
When I study Bible I try to imagine the past as the present. And so when reviewing this story, the natural question is, “Why didn’t Pharaoh just let the people go?”
Mos of us learn in Bible class that God “hardened Pharoah’s heart,” removing his free will.
The philosophical question is whether God’s action was legitimate, since morality is supposed to (at least in Jewish thinking) always be a choice rather than something forced.
You would think that if God was specifically showing the Egyptians who was boss, that He would want Pharaoh to see the plagues and come to this realization independently.

But just the opposite happened. The more Pharaoh waffled, the more God intervened so that he held on.
There are very deep questions associated with this situation. Let’s get the verse.
Because really Pharaoh could say, Listen God, you’re the one who “made me” enslave the Jews, it was prophesied, so why are you punishing me?

The answer to that one (which I learned) is,
“It didn’t have to be YOU. You chose to.”
So here again, Pharaoh could say, “Listen God, you ‘hardened my heart,’ so why are you punishing me? I didn’t have any choice in the matter at all!”
The Egyptians were not STUPID people.
The Egyptians were very SMART.

They were SCIENTISTS, and Pharaoh knew of the Jewish God. For sure.
Recognize (because future proves past) that the same kinds of lying, thieving “arguments” will be made by the traitors.

“The Program pre-dated my arrival,” one character says in Will Smith’s “Gemini Man,” about cloning soldiers in labs.
Each and every one of the traitors will have a unique lie, but they will all be a variation on the same theme: “I am not responsible for my actions.”
Here’s how we see this in “Gemini Man.”

When caught, the evil Nazi Deep State American “father” says to his involuntarily lab-cloned “son”: ” I love you, Junior.”

He says: “The whole point of this was to give u all of Henry’s gifts without his pain. The thing that you’re struggling with, it’s fear. Embrace it, & then overcome it. Everything that we’ve worked for is at stake. He has to die. He’s your darkness u had 2 walk thru on your own.”
When the Nazi is caught having cloned MORE than one person, proving that he DOESN’T really love his “son” but rather was simply growing an experiment aimed at boosting his power, he brings out yet ANOTHER excuse.

“*He* was a weapon. *You’re* my son.”
This guy has a million of them.

Why is it OK to play God with DNA?
Because then, “real children” don’t have to die.

Why is it OK to lie about who has to be assassinated? Because if you knew he wasn’t bad, you’d feel remorse and remorse is dangerous.
Exodus 7:3: “And I will harden Pharoah’s heart”

Exodus 7:13: “But despite this, Pharaoh’s heart stiffened and he paid no heed to Moses and Aaron, just as God had said.”

Exodus 7:14: “And God said to Moses, ‘Pharoah’s heart is unmoved.’”
Exodus 7:22: “The necromancers of Egypt then did likewise, changing some of the well water into blood with their demon-conjuring incantations.107 So Pharaoh rationalized that Moses and Aaron were just performing magic, which was commonplace in Egypt.” /1
“His heart stiffened and he paid no heed to Moses and Aaron, just as God had said.”
Exodus 8:11 (also from this same translation): “But when Pharaoh saw that there was relief, he continued to harden his heart and would not listen to Moses and Aaron, just as God had said, since his necromancers had also produced swarms of frogs.”
Exodus 8:25, Moses to Pharaoh: “I am now going to leave your presence and I will pray to God, and tomorrow the horde of wild beasts will go away from Pharaoh and his courtiers and his people. But…never again deceive us by not allowing the people to leave & sacrifice to God!”
Exodus 8:26: “Moses then left Pharaoh’s presence and prayed to God.
Exodus 8:27: “God did as Moses asked & removed the mixed horde of wild beasts from Pharaoh and his courtiers and his people….”

Exodus 8:28: “But this time, too, Pharaoh hardened his heart, & he did not let the people leave.”
Exodus 9:12 “There was thus no room for Pharaoh to rationalize, but now God hardened Pharaoh’s heart directly, as a punishment for his earlier obstinacy.”
Skipped one, Exodus 9:7 “Pharaoh inquired and discovered that not even one animal of the livestock of the Israelites had died, but nevertheless, Pharaoh’s heart was hardened and he did not let the people leave.”
Exodus 9:34 “But when Pharaoh saw that the rain and hail and thunder had ceased, he continued to sin. His heart, like that of his courtiers, remained unmoved.”
Exodus 9:35 “Pharaoh’s heart was stiffened and he did not let the Israelites leave, just as God had said through Moses.”
OK so I count 8 mentions of Pharoah’s heart being hardened. The first time, God said he was going to do it, and the other times, it happened.
For the Bible to drag out a story and repeat a concept like this over and over again is unheard of.

But yet here we have it.

And with different Hebrew words.

Let’s go back to something we alluded to at the start of this thread – it will help us to understand.
Why in Genesis does it say “and He appeared” (third person, God to Abraham) and in Exodus it says “and I appeared” (first person, God to Moses).
First, God’s relationship with Abraham was different than his relationship with Moses.

* Abraham was unquestioning and emotionally bonded to God.

* Moses talked back to God and his orientation was intellectual first.

God had to work harder for Moses.
It’s like, some people instinctively “get” what’s going on in current events, and other people need to be “redpilled” with proofs.
Second, and perhaps more importantly, Moses had to physically confront and overcome the man who raised him – Pharaoh.

God had to, in effect, re-parent Moses and break the mind control that Pharaoh had over him.
As far as hardening Pharoah’s heart, very naturally Pharaoh loved his adopted Moses.

God had to remove the parental response that might have led Pharaoh to “melt,” and leave only the response of any ordinary ruler to losing his slaves.
The purpose of all this, of course, was to completely obliterate Egyptian arguments that their way was superior.
The purpose of God bringing the world into material existence is to reveal God’s presence through the element of choice.

Sometimes, because evil is so strong, choice needs a little nudge.
The parallel to what we are facing now could not be more clear.

President Trump could have cleaned house a long time ago.

But he allowed the bad people to go nuts.

Trump altered the course of nature slightly (nature would be arrests), so that their TRUE natures would show.
When the pain comes, and it is coming, they will not be able to make their usual excuses.

They will have had three years to do the right thing.

They will all have failed that test, publicly.

And they are all, every one of them, going to be on trial.

mentions compile

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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