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April 4, 2020: Parshat Tzav – “Deceptively ‘Bland’”

Let’s explore the mystical meanings of Parshat Tzav.


This is Part 2 of today’s Bible Study.

We’re in the book of Leviticus.

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Part 1 of today’s study is here. You do not need to read it in order to participate in this thread. The focus literally on the title of the portion — on "not knowing" as versus God reaching out to us clearly and urgently.

Thread by @DrDannielle: "Command" is the meaning of this week’s Torah (Bible) portion, "Tzav." Primary reading: Leviticus 6:1 – 8:36…Thread by @DrDannielle: "Command" is the meaning of this week’s Torah (Bible) portion, "Tzav." Primary reading: Leviticus… Supplemental reading: Jeremiah…

We’re back in the free Bible/commentary from Chabad.

It states that this portion is "deceivingly ‘bland’" (important)

Summary of content:
–Sacrificial rites
—-how to do it
—-more possible things you can bring

–Induction of Aaron/sons 2 priesthood…

Let’s talk about the words "deceivingly bland."

(Forgive me for being a little bit robotic here in terms of the linearity, but the content is esoteric to most, dense and the lessons expansive. Please bear with me.)

How many times in your life have you overlooked something that was "deceivingly ‘bland’"?

Lots of things in life seem easy to overlook (honeypots in spy-world, terms of service agreements/contracts), and then they have the power to do you in.

We knew a man, he worked his whole life to save up money for retirement, and then he moved to Florida. A lady cozied up to him, she pretended to love him, and then she took all his money and left.

He died both penniless and lonely.

What do lawyers spend their entire lives doing?

As a rule, whenever you see something that is "deceptively ‘bland," look at it very closely.

(Screenshot of CNN right now.)

After the 2016 election, I have learned to look at the media NOT to get the news, but to find out WHAT THE TRAITORS ARE TRYING TO TELL ME.

Isn’t that scary?

I have learned that the devil is very literally in the detail.

Remember Cass Sunstein?

He is the husband of Samantha Powers.

He thought that such suspicions were deeply dangerous.…

Sunstein’s wife — Samantha "unmasking" Powers — is herself the subject of an enormous meteor that is about to hit the American people.

That nasty spying scandal….

Trey Gowdy: Samantha Power testified that intel officials made ‘unmasking’ requests in her nameHouse Oversight & Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy said Tuesday that President Obama’s former United Nations ambassador has testified that not all of the "unmasking" requests made in h…

For how many years, the traitors have been trying to make the most horrifying scandal in American history go away.

How have they done it?

By making it "deceptively ‘bland.’"

Cass Sunstein acknowledged that there are some conspiracy theories which may be unpleasant, but are actually true:

Operation Northwoods…

But he thought that believers in false conspiracy theory were dangerous.

So Sunstein & coauthor Adrian Vermeule proposed "cognitive infiltration" — "the use of gov & third party ‘cognitive’ provocateurs & front groups to ‘infiltrate’ social networks, other online groups, & ‘real life’ groups built around conspiracy theories."…

In Sunstein’s defense, he may simply have been saying that irrational conspiracists are a threat to the government. That the gov should respond by sneakily introducing rational thinking, or as he called it " beneficial cognitive diversity."

But in real life, as Q pointed out, we ended up with "Operation Q-T2810C." The opposite!

"False drops.
Bot push.
Future ‘Conspiracy’ push to norms.
Bad mixed w/ good.
They are scared.

In fact, bad actors attempt to discredit Q using all the "deceptively ‘bland’" tools at their disposal.

Q’s entire reason for being is the "deceptively ‘bland’" legal maneuvering of the DS.

So whenever you see something "deceptively ‘bland,’" pay close attention.

Keep in mind that the subject of this portion is sacrifices and the priesthood.

Keep in mind that evil is not real.

Evil has to grab parasitically onto the forces of holiness – sacrifices to God, bingo – and flip them into the reverse.

Take a look at some of the content on Vigilant Citizen (@VigilantFeed) about sacrifices.

Normal people have no idea.

"End of April: Still a Time of Fire and Human Sacrifice"

"The end of April is known as the “most violent time of the year”. Appropriately enough, occult calendars call for fire and human sacrifice during this important 15-day period.

April 22, 2019
End of April: Still a Time of Fire and Human SacrificeThe end of April is known as the

"This year, the end of April was characterized by the Notre-Dame fire and the horrific church bombings in Sri Lanka. Is the occult agenda being carried out, once again?"

What we lost when Notre-Dame de Paris caught fire | America MagazineWhat did Notre-Dame mean? What did it feel like to step into it in the Middle Ages?

"Sri Lanka attacks: More than 200 killed as churches and hotels targeted"
21 April 2019

More than 200 killed in Sri Lanka attacksAt least 207 people are killed and 450 hurt in eight blasts targeting churches and hotels.

"Fear, Bloodshed and Human Sacrifices Before Winter Solstice"
December 20, 2016

Fear, Bloodshed and Human Sacrifices Before Winter SolsticeShareTweetEmailThe killing of an ambassador in Turkey on live television and the attack of a Christmas market in Berlin occurred at a crucial time of year. On December 19th 2016, Donald Trump was off…

"Mock Human Sacrifice Ritual Caught on Video at CERN" (2016)

A video surfaced online of a strange ceremony taking place at CERN where hooded individuals gathered around the statue of Shiva and staged the ritual ‘stabbing’ of a woman dressed in white."

Mock Human Sacrifice Ritual Caught on Video at CERN (video)A video surfaced online of a strange ceremony taking place at CERN where hooded individuals gathered around the statue of Shiva and staged the ritual

"’The Cabin in the Woods’: A Movie Celebrating the Elite’s Ritual Sacrifices"

October 9, 2012
“The Cabin in the Woods”: A Movie Celebrating the Elite’s Ritual SacrificesShareTweetEmail“The Cabin in the Woods” is a widely successful horror film that also obtained great critical acclaim. While many appreciated the movie for its wit, humor, and originality, the movie’s…

Why do the occultists do human sacrifice?

"Cultures that are considered by scholars to be highly civilized, affluent, and advanced considered human sacrifice a normal part of life."

10 Ancient Cultures That Practiced Ritual Human SacrificeAlmost all of us would cringe at thought of sacrificing a person’s life for the purpose of appeasing the gods. Modern society associates the phrase “human sacrifice” with brutal, demonic, or satanic …

"Some ancient cultures engaged in human ritual killings to gain the favor of the gods, while others practiced it to show respect and devotion to their leaders."

"Generally, the sacrifice of a child was intertwined with the worship of a pagan deity, often a fertility god. Worshipers sought to obtain a blessing from their god(s) or to confirm or complete a vow taken in the name of the god."…

"The rationale for Aztec human sacrifice was, first and foremost, a matter of survival….sun god Huitzilopochtli was waging a constant war against darkness" (and they therefore had to) "feed Huitzilopochtli with human hearts and blood."…

"Human sacrifice also served another purpose in the expanding Aztec empire of the 15th and 16th century: intimidation.The ritual killing of war captives and the large-scale displaying of skulls were visceral reminders of the strength of the empire and the extent of its dominion."

It’s very simple, nothing has changed.

The Bible prescribes the laws of sacrifice as a powerful means of connecting with God.

The Bible says "do this, not that" – do not sacrifice humans.

Occultists are trying to kill God and SPECIFICALLY do that.

Understanding Genesis 22: God and Child Sacrifice | My Jewish LearningLike many people I know, I first heard the story of Abraham and Isaac as a child. I couldn’t have been older …

The concept of occultists’ ritual human sacrifice, as mentioned above, connects closely with the concept of ritual cannibalism.

"In other cases the consumption of particular portions or organs was a ritual means by which certain qualities of the person eaten might be obtained or by which powers of witchcraft or sorcery might be employed."Human-cannibalism-engraving-Theodor-de-Bry.jpg
cannibalism | History & ExamplesCannibalism, the eating of human flesh by humans.

"the belief is that if you consume the body, you annihilate the soul."
People … People Who Eat PeopleIn her book Dinner With a Cannibal, writer Carole Travis-Henikoff documents the long — and often hidden — history of cannibalism in humans. Travis-Henikoff notes that cannibalism wasn’t always taboo,…

Importantly, human sacrifice contributes to occultists "egregore," or its projection of a collective god that does not otherwise exist.

(Holy work: Prayer is the modern version of sacrifice, when we pray together we influence God above.)

"One of most important but little known concepts of Western occultism is that of the egregore, an autonomous psychic entity created by a collective group mind….sustained by belief, ritual, and sacrifice…relies upon the devotion of a group of people."…

So now….you understand the URGENCY of the title of this Torah portion: "TZAV" – "COMMAND" – "YOU MUST TELL THE PEOPLE, MOSES" – is what God says here.

God is URGING the Israelites not to sin in a manner that will be MOST TEMPTING.

The modern version of the occultist egregore is, of course, artificial intelligence.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/20In this edition of SPOTM: Tom Hanx (no typo) and his creepy glove, Lady Gaga infecting the world again and Madonna’s symbolic Eurovision performance.

If enough people plug their minds into the mind-meld…

Photo by Marcin Wichary/Flickr/Wikipedia…

The desire of the occultist is always to replace God with a being [egregore] of their own making, that they can control through their small group of devotees, and that they can use to control other people.

And now you understand the warning that the prophet Jeremiah gives in the supplemental reading to this portion.

Jeremiah 7:21 – 8:3; 9:22 – 9:23

Jeremiah 7:30-31

Verse 30:
"For the people of Judah have done what displeases Me—declares the LORD. They have set up their abominations in the House which is called by My name, and they have defiled it."

Verse 31: "And they have built the shrines of Topheth in the Valley of Ben-hinnom to burn their sons and daughters in fire—which I never commanded, which never came to My mind."

What is the mainstream version of child sacrifice?

Jeremiah 7:32 "Assuredly, a time is coming—declares the LORD—when men shall no longer speak of Topheth or the Valley of Ben-hinnom, but of the Valley of Slaughter; and they shall bury in Topheth until no room is left."

Verse 33: "The carcasses of this people shall be food for the birds of the sky and the beasts of the earth, with none to frighten them off."

"And I will silence in the towns of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem the sound of mirth and gladness, the voice of bridegroom and bride. For the whole land shall fall to ruin."

Jeremiah 8:3 "And death shall be preferable to life for all that are left of this wicked folk, in all the other places to which I shall banish them—declares the LORD of Hosts."

But we never want to end the reading in a bad way, because there is always time to repent. And so the supplemental reading has Jeremiah 9:22-23 added on to it.

Jeremiah 9:22: "Thus said the LORD: Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom; Let not the strong man glory in his strength; Let not the rich man glory in his riches."

Jeremiah 9:23 "But only in this should one glory: In his earnest devotion to Me. For I the LORD act with kindness, Justice, and equity in the world; For in these I delight —declares the LORD."



By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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