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The Warrior Soaked In RED


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I saw a social media post on Telegram from an account calling itself “Ezra A. Cohen.” (It was posted 9/3 at 2:26 a.m.) Cohen only has a Twitter account, so it is not him. But this is what the post said: “Running RED.”

Remember Q said “rig for red.” Three times. I have no idea what this means.

Update 9/4/2021, reader comment — encouraging because I interpret this to mean that we are on the cusp of the turnaround:

“From my former life on the crew of two different submarines, ‘rig for red’ always meant the boat was coming to periscope depth, either for operations at periscope depth, for snorkeling (refreshing the ship’s atmosphere), or, on a ballistic missile submarine, to launch missiles, or in preparation for surfacing. You ‘rig for red’ because red light is not as detectable from the outside as white light, but people inside still need to be able to read instructions, gauges and dials. Sometimes the boat is preparing to surface at night, and again, ‘rig for red’ helps the boat remain undetected.”

But everyone noticed that this fake Cohen account, which is very popular anyway because of the Q-type posts, used Q language and tonight Twitter user TaskFor26668668 did a short thread connecting the dots. and

I do recall “The Hunt for Red October” being a big thing in the Q posts.

[update 9/4 – leaving the next paragraph in, even though the post has been updated with a subject matter expert’s reader comment above – it’s accurate and JoyInLiberty’s work is greatly appreciated]

Joy In Liberty ( does a great job drilling down into the possible meanings. The word “rig” seems to mean “prepare,” as in “prepare for red alert.” “Red” according to JIL could be “dim red lighting to preserve night vision” as is found on submarines. I’m going to guess that “rig for red” means “prepare to move quietly in high action mode,” meaning that it’s “showtime.”

The Bible reading this week, already striking, is all the more so given that we are thinking about this topic in the background. Part of the supplemental reading are the following verses from Isaiah: Chapter 63, Verses 1-9:

In these verses the prophet envisions a man returning from the satanic kingdom of Edom (Rome). (Verse 1)

The man is soaked in blood as though he had “trod in a wine press” (Verse 2).

Isaiah imagines a conversation between himself and this man, who is not a man but actually God.

The prophet essentially says: “What is going on here? You are an elegant man, and now you’re all dirty.”

The man responds that he is covered in the blood of a worthy cause: “I speak with righteousness” (Verse 1). Not only did he fight the enemy bravely, but he did it alone, regardless of the personal consequences to him. Nobody else would help him. (Verse 3)

The man adds that he engaged in battle because the time was right to rebuke Edom:

“For a day of vengeance was in My heart, and the hear of My redemption has arrived.”

Isaiah 63:4

(The main Bible reading is partially about God’s wrath against the evil idol worshipers who insistently rebel against Him.)

The man is “astounded” that “I looked and there was no one helping…no one supporting.” (Verse 5)

This means that God alone will take on the evil ones. The implication is that the Jewish people did not help Him do it. That we abandoned Him just when we could have helped the most.

God says that the level of His holy anger is going to shock and overwhelm people:

“I trod peoples with my wrath, and I intoxicated them with my fury.”

Isaiah 63:6

The ones who thought they were so high and mighty, “I brought their power down to earth.”

The prophet stops to praise God, essentially begging Him to have mercy on the Jewish people:

“The kind acts of the Lord I will mention, the praises of the Lord, according to all that the Lord bestowed upon us, and much good to the house of Israel, which He bestowed upon them according to His mercies and according to His many kind acts.”

Isaiah 63:7

The man, who is really God, responds to this “reminder”:

“They are but My people, children who will not deal falsely.”

Isaiah 63:8

The commentator Rashi reconciles this statement with the fact that God knew the Jewish people would “betray” him. In essence what God is saying here is that He loves the Jewish people so much, that he will see us as better than we are.

And because of this, “He became their Savior.” (Verse 8)

Following on this, in His boundless mercy, God saves the people on the wings of an angel, so to speak:

“In all their trouble, He did not trouble [them], and the angel of His presence saved them; with His love and with His pity He redeemed them, and He bore them, and He carried them all the days of old.”

Isaiah 63:9

There was never anything to worry about at all.

God wants all who love Him to gather together as His beloved children, renounce our sinful ways, and follow Him.

By Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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