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Random Spiritual Meditations 6/20/2022

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  • What matters are your good deeds, supported by your intentions and your faith in God and God alone.
  • Why was Jesus killed? MLK? John Lennon? JFK? Because all of them effectively challenged the corruption of the elites. They woke people up.
  • We are in a spiritual war between good and evil. It cannot be won on your behalf. Only you can do this. When enough of us individually repent, the suffering ends.
  • What matters are your good deeds, supported by your intentions and your faith in God and God alone.
  • It is the small things that tell you the truth about people. Leaving a gas station in a predominantly Christian area, a gentleman held the door for me politely, stepped back and said “Excuse me, ma’am.” Another time, attending an event also in a Christian area, a man holds up a small wallet and says to me, as I am walking away, “Ma’am is this yours?” It was tiny; he had picked it up from the ground near where people were playing sports; he didn’t want it to get stolen or lost. It is not only kindness, but also honesty; the Christians who call out immorality from whatever direction it appears. It is Christian charity; the determination to do what is right without regard to money. As a Jewish person, I was once disillusioned with my faith, mainly because I felt I just wasn’t good enough. I got my start coming back to faith from a Christian teaching that God loves me personally and always.
  • Because of forced conversions we no longer know who all the Jewish people are. I personally met at least two people whose maternal lineage is Jewish but they didn’t know it. If your mother, grandmother, great grandmother, etc. is or was Jewish that makes you Jewish as well, even if you converted. Similarly many people think they are Jewish because their father is or was Jewish, but they’re not.
  • In a local election a slate of “progressives” is being backed by a real estate developer. If they get voted on, the developer-backed candidates are indebted to him. All of those candidates are linked to each other. Regardless of political party, money and connections are what matter. Wherever an agenda counter to God takes root, follow the money and the social network. See who promotes the narrative — who truly empowers with honesty and integrity and unity among ordinary people, and who distracts citizens from effecting real change.
  • According to Jewish faith, the world ends at year 6000. We are at 5782. This leaves us 218 years. It ends with faith (positively) or destruction, God forbid. The Messiah, of the Davidic line, judges who is good and who is not. If bad people have a database of DNA they know who is of the Davidic line. If they control the surrogacy market (human trafficking) they can know the DNA. If manage to get babies born in tanks then they control knowledge of who the mothers are—perhaps they will artificially manage eggs. We need to wake up and work together.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.

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