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The Cabal Will Never Find Eternal Life: “God Executed Judgment On Their Gods”

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This week’s Torah portion is Maatos-Maasei (Numbers 30:2-36:13). Part of the portion talks about the dozens of “journeys and encampments” of the Jewish people in the desert before entering the Holy Land to conquer it.

Prior to reading the Torah portion, I had read the following–a Telegram post highlighting how the Egyptians tried to bury their dead in such a way that they could bring back the consciousness later, using occult methods.

CERN looking for the God particle.
What creates LIFE (MATTER – Physical substance)
Colliding protons or electrons (these form MATTER – life)
CERN Logo is Shiva.
Shiva is the destroyer.

“Elon Musk
With artificial intelligence we are summoning the DEMON.
Who, What?

“CERN trying to find how to create life.
Elon Musk – AI summoning the demon.
Trying to open a portal.
From one world to this world
Bring back the dead.
The fallen ones (ancestors)

“….Lets Say the current crop of the cabal prior
to natural death transfer their conscious.
They want to live forever somehow.
The body is dispensable, the mind can be preserved.
Is it Possible?
With the current/hidden technology.
Leaning to YES.
Were would they store it?
The Cloud, AI in a living machine.

“Now say in past past past history prior versions of the Cabal did this.
Technology was advanced, Death was imminent.
They stored their conscious in a living machine.
Then waiting for technology to catch up.
So their FUTURE descendants bring them back to life. citing

“Egyptians mummified the bodies of royalty.
Pyramids are aligned to the SIRIUS Star.
Pyramids had chambers to royal tombs
The chambers directed, harness and amplified
the energy from Sun and Sirius star.

“Attempt to resurrect the Dead.

“Could the conscious of their ancestors be trapped (stored) in the vicinity of the Sirius Star?

“”What is going on?

“Artificial Intelligence Machine.
Located near the Sirius Star,
Consciousness of cabal from the PAST is stored there.
Distress calls, emitting a frequency.
Meant for their descendants (cabal) to hear
Whales (NASA spacecrafts) attempting to respond.
The fife Generating Device
Create Life (god particle)
Bring their ancestors (consciousness) back to life.
Resurrect the dead.
Into a physical body.
They want to life [live] forever.

“Think Avatar Movie.
Transplant mind into a new body.” citing

In the context of the above, one verse from the Torah portion caught my attention today–“God executed judgment on their gods.”:

“The Egyptians meanwhile were burying those among them who God had struck down, every [male] first-born—whereby God executed judgment on their gods.”

Numbers 33:4 (Sefaria)

The commentators ask why the Torah would say this; the Egyptians’ gods are obviously powerless.

Why would God need or want to “execute judgment” on them?

They come to various conclusions.

One is that the people were shown the idols actually decapitated and in humiliating positions–so as to show the foolishness of following false idols.

“UPON THEIR GODS ALSO THE LORD EXECUTED JUDGMENTS. As in the incident with Dagan’s head. 7 I Sam. 5:4. Dagan fell headless, armless, and footless before the ark of God.”

Ibn Ezra

“ובאלוהיהם עשה ה’ שפטים, “and the Lord had inflicted punishments on their deities.” G’d had kept His promise made in Exodus 12,12 ‘and on all the gods of Egypt I will inflict judgments.’ How did these judgments or punishments become manifest? If the images were made of silver or gold they would simply melt; if they were made of wood, the wood would rot; if they were made of stone, the stone would crack in many places. The word שפטים also includes that these idols would be found by their worshippers in embarrassing positions as described in Samuel I 5,4: “Dagon was again lying prone on the ground in front of the Ark of the Lord. The head and both hands were cut off.” (The Philistines had taken the Holy Ark captive from the Israelites).”

Rabbeinu Bahya

Another is that the idols will literally be destroyed, I assume both literally and figuratively (meaning they bring no benefit to the user).

“Rabbi Hanina said, as it is written (in Midbar 33:4) And in their God he made judgments. And as for the gods of silver, and of gold, and of wood, and of stone, there are judgments. But Rabbi Yossi said, silver and gold would melt away from them, and wood would rot.”

Zohar 2:18a:9 (Kabbalah)

Another commentator says that the idols of the Egyptians, which literally ruled over the Egyptians, were punished by God Himself. This interpretation alludes to “hidden matters,” and by that I think the commentator means that the occult is invested with a certain amount of power on Earth so as to give people an actual choice between good and evil.

The verse clearly hints that on the morning [of the fifteenth day of Nisan], when the Egyptians were burying the dead, they discovered that judgments had also been executed against their idols. In my opinion, Scripture alludes here to the lords on high, the gods of Egypt, something like the verse, The Eternal will punish the host of the high heavens on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth.188Isaiah 24:21. Thus He subdued the power of the Egyptians and that of the lords over them. But Scripture hints and deals briefly with hidden matters.”


From this we learn that no matter what the occultists do, they will never have the power they seek.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.


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