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Movies Glorify The 3 Worst Sins There Are

A Jewish person must sacrifice their life rather than 1) worshiping false idols, 2) engaging in sexual immorality, or 3) committing an act of bloodshed (Sanhedrin 74a). Yet daily we are bombarded with movies showing actors 1) worshiping false idols 2) engaging in sexual immorality 3) committing an act of bloodshed. By Dr. Dannielle…

2 Key Facts About “Lucifer”

Dafei Tang, writing in the Times of Israel, sheds light on Lucifer/Satan, the spiritual enemy we collectively face, and how they will meet their end. We learn that when Moses had to face Pharoah, he was actually facing Satan, the serpent, (refer back to Genesis…the reptilian) and Moses was scared, which led God to confront him…

Bible Study Coffee Time: Categories

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